Reaching Out This Halloween

Have you ever thought about Halloween as a missional outreach opportunity? In this day and age, when people hide behind closed garage doors and rarely interact with their neighbors, Halloween presents an unusual opportunity to go, knock on doors, and engage without being invasive.

This year Fremont will not be hosting a community Trunk or Treat (see last month’s Grapevine for more information.) Instead, we want to encourage you to reach out into your local community, develop relationships and care for your neighbor.

Here are some ideas we’ve compiled to help out - pick a few to try out, and let us know how it goes!

  1. Turn on your light - And not just in the biblical sense… turn your porch light on, be ready to open the door, and be sure to give out the good candy!
  2. Be encouraging - Tell parents how adorable/scary/awesome their kids look. Build people up with your words. Go easy on the teenagers who are clearly too old to go Trick-or-Treating. Be yourself. Ask people their names. Have fun.
  3. Visit every house on your block - This holiday gives you a green light to go knock on any door with a porch light on! Go introduce yourself. It may be a little awkward at first, but the next time you see them at the mailbox you’ll have an easier time connecting and starting a conversation.
  4. Make it fun - Add in some extras at your own house. Make a little Photo Booth in your front yard and offer to take family pictures for people using their phones. Have warm apple cider and pumpkin bread to offer parents. Hang out and interact with people as they come and go.
  5. Host a block party or “rest stop” - Put fliers in your neighbors mailboxes inviting them over before Trick-or-Treating. Order some pizza to share. Make hot chocolate, cookies, etc. You can even rent things like bounce houses, cotton candy machines, and snow cone makers if you want to go big! 
  6. Get to know people’s stories - Ask questions, listen to their answers, and find out who your neighbors are.
  7. Pray - Before you do any of the above, pray and ask God to open your eyes and your heart to your neighbors. Pray for opportunities to make connections, and the boldness to follow through. 

Got more ideas? Add them into the comments below! If you have more than one Fremont family in your neighborhood, consider working together! This Halloween can be a great time to connect, make new friends, and truly become a “neighbor” to those around you. Good luck!