Daystar University is an interdenominational Christian center of higher learning located in Nairobi, Kenya. They offer undergraduate and graduate degrees. Their goal is to educate and develop African leaders who are instilled with faith, integrity and high ethical standards. Graduates are prepared to be leaders in government, business, education and churches throughout Africa.

Good Shepherd Hospital operates as the Christian Medical Institute of the Kasai (IMCK) in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It is a 150 bed reference/teaching hospital. Affiliated with the hospital are nursing and lab technician schools. It is one of the most advanced health care and educa-tional facilities in the province and a primary means of reaching out to the sick while demonstrating God’s love in tangible ways.

Healthy Mothers/Healthy Children is a community health program established by Dr. Mike and RN Nancy Haninger at Good Shepherd Hospital. The program focuses on the malnutrition issues facing residents due to lack of resources and extreme poverty.

Near East School of Theology is an interdenominational Protestant seminary serving the evangelical churches of the Middle East. Established in 1932, it is located in Beirut, Lebanon. They offer under-graduate and graduate degrees. They have a history of building understanding and advocating for peace and justice in a volatile part of the world.

Shekkacho Ministry. Fremont has had a long partnership with the Shekkacho, a peoples’ group in Ethiopia. They are affiliated with the Ethiopian Evangelical Mekane Yesus Church. Ministry areas include Bible translation, education, evangelism, microenterprise, outreach and water system development. We partner with the Maasha and Yeki Presbyteries.

Ste. Croix Hospital in Leogane, Haiti, provides a regional healthcare program. They are affiliated with the FSIL nursing school and coordinate community health workers and village clinics. They are rebuilding after the 2010 earthquake using earthquake and hurricane-resistant materials and methods.

Witnessing Ministries of Christ are changing the lives of Dalit Christians (formerly known as untouchable) through education. They provide bus and van transportation so children can attend schools. They have been sharing the gospel through the Exodus Christian Presbyterian Church in India for over 25 years.


Gwendolyn Davies serves with Wycliffe Bible Translator Sign Language Support Team, currently in Bogotá, Columbia. She will eventually serve deaf translation teams in multiple countries. Gwen attended Fremont while a student at CSUS in the mid-1980s and has been a member of Fremont since 1994. She has served with Wycliffe in various capacities beginning in 1999, including service in Mexico and Southeast Asia.

Rev. Sarah Henken was appointed regional liaison for the Andean region of South America in July, 2010. Before this she served with PC(USA)’s Young Adult Volunteer program in Uruguay and Argentina for two years and as coordinator of the ministry of accompaniment in Colombia for three years. She completed her M.Div. at McCormick Theological Seminary in Chicago and was ordained as a minister of the Word and Sacrament by San Fernando Presbytery in 2010. She currently lives in La Paz, Bolivia.

JoAnn Neal is a mission worker for the Rafiki (friend in Swahili) Foundation whose mission is to help Africans know God by caring for and educating orphans, giving economic opportunities to widows and providing materials and training in education and Bible study. They have established ten Rafiki Training Villages in Africa. JoAnn is currently the Childcare Director of the Rafiki Village in Moshi, Tanzania. In this role she is responsible for overseeing the care and education of the 48 children who live there.

Doug and Gordana Sjostedt serve with Campus Crusade for Christ. Doug is currently the Global Production Team Leader for the JESUS Film Project. His main responsibility is to oversee all production work of dubbing their products into new languages throughout the world. So far, they have completed dubbing the JESUS film into 1,148 languages. Gordana’s current ministry is evangelism and discipleship through blogging ( They serve at the Campus Crusade for Christ HQ in Orlando, FL where Doug has been on staff for 30 years and Gordana for 22 years.