Junior High

Welcome to One Life...
              ...the Junior High ministry of Fremont Presbyterian Church

Wednesday Night Youth Group - 6:15-7:30pm - Gym - Community Life Center 
Wednesday nights are when we have our once a week big youth group event. You can expect you student to have a lot of fun playing various games, hear a Christ centered message, and learn what it means to be part of a community with other Junior Highers.   

Sunday Morning Bible Study - 9:00-10:15am - Room C201 - Upstairs in the Community Life Center
Bible study on Sunday morning are when we get a chance to go deep into God’s word. Your student can expect a topical or book study in the bible. We always have times for questions at the end. Make sure your student brings a note book! 

Sunday Morning Cadre Groups - 10:30-11:30am* - Room 205 - Upstairs in the Community Life Center
Cadre Groups are what we call our small groups. Based upon questions that come out of the Wednesday night youth group sermon, students now have a chance to interact with each other about what they learned. The questions are designed to engage the students in the world they are a part of, and drive them closer to Jesus. 

*We meet Sundays in the Community Life Center (CLC) for worship at 10:30, and then to CLC Room 205 until 11:30am.

Contact Jonathan Shea if you have any questions: 916-452-7132 x229 (office), or jshea@fremontpres.org